welcome to the website of honorary consular corps malaysia

About HCCM

Honorary Consular Corps Malaysia (HCCM) was formed on 22nd June 2012 with the approval from the Registra of Societies, Malaysia (ROS).

The establishment of HCCM was mooted then by a few Honorary Consuls which were selected as a Protem Committee in April 2008. Today, the Honorary Consular Corps Malaysia (HCCM) is recognized and supported by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.

We are also a Charter member to the “Federation Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulaires (FICAC) or World Federation of Consuls. FICAC is the global network of Consular Association to support and improve the status, legitimacy and effectiveness of all consular officers in all receiving states.

Objectives of HCCM

  • To be a professional Corps dealing with consular affairs and international affairs
  • To bring together Honorary Consuls in Malaysia that represent various countries from all over the world to share experiences and coordinate efforts to enhance the status and effectiveness of the Consuls, the oldest institution serving international bilateral relations
  • To educate consular officers in office in consular practice and law to inform the general public within Malaysia concerning the nature and importance of consular functions and thereby removing impediments to the effective performance on consular duties
  • To promote and strengthen mutual understanding between Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls in Malaysia
  • To develop a framework and basis for exchange of current information, ideas and suggestions regarding matters related to the office of Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls
  • To carry out promotions at national and international levels for a better understanding of duties and responsibilities, rights and privileges of Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls